Published: Thursday, 27 February 2014

As a parliament the PAP mostly works with policies and oversight of the African Union and staff provide key support within various roles in the secretariat.

PAP staff work with members of parliament across the continent, helping them as they undertake to fulfil their mandate as PAP members. All Staff form part of the secretariat which is headed by the Clerk of Parliament.

The PAP’s core areas of activities include, among others, infrastructure, private sector development, policy advice, gender equality, climate change and regional integration. Members of Parliament work within the various committees to undertake this mandate and to ensure the African Union meets its objectives.

We are committed to diversity and strive to hire the best brains from across the globe. Our staff are diverse in many respects, including gender, nationality, race, culture, education and experience and fully represent our member countries.

The PAP offers a variety of roles suited to your goals, background and talents, providing opportunities to advance, grow and strike the right balance between work and life that is best for you.