Vision & Mission

ThePan-African Regional Contract & Development Commission is to achieve Prosperity For All. This will be realised by focusing on two key strategic objectives as its main goal:

1. Transforming the economy of member states - To achieve higher levels of prosperity we will transform member states into a more productive, efficiency driven economy that is more diversified, able to compete internationally in a greater range of industries.

2. Widening economic opportunity - Ultimately, PARCDC will be judged by the member states on the improvement that it brings to their livelihood through formal jobs and better opportunities to earn higher incomes.

The two strategic objectives are interlinked. We need to back economic transformation to take us to higher levels of prosperity and we know that growth and transformation will be stronger if more of our people can contribute and benefit from it.


The PARCDC Mission (i.e., its purpose set in the context of and reflecting its Vision) is to build A Thriving Cooperation that Creates Jobs and Enhances Livelihoods for All. This will be realised mainly through the pursuit of five strategic initiatives summarized in the Figure below

Output 1
Developing an investment climate that broadens investment and encourages greater enterprise development and innovation.

Output 2
Creating more supportive basis for transformation into a diversified efficiency driven economy.

Output 3
Increasing productivity especially amongst small businesses.

Output 4
Providing greater incentive for creating formal jobs.

Output 5
Increasing economic opportunity for the poor member states, especially in underdeveloped countries.