Published: Monday, 24 February 2014

The PARCDC has ten Permanent Committees and one ad hoc committee whose mandates and functions are set out in Rules 22 to 27 of the PARCDC Rules of Procedure. The functions of the committees correspond to those of the African Union Specialised Technical Committees. The PARCDC Committees are as follows: 

Membership of the committees

The general membership and composition of Committees of the PARCDC are regulated by the Rules of Procedure. Under Rule 22 (5) a committee of the PARCDCwill comprise of up to thirty members. Each PARCDC Regional Caucus  designates at least three members to a Committee consider gender representation in designating the members.

Meeting of the committees

The committees held two (2) statuary meetings in March and in August every year and may orgnise Non- Statutory meetings when the need arises. Committees also meet during the PARCDC Sessions.